Direct Donation Campaign


How can Wayside have so many great programs?

With funds raised by the Wayside PTA from generous parents like you!

What do PTA funds support?

• Cultural assemblies for all students
• Field Day and Play Day
• Special school events, such as Multicultural Night, STEM Night, Spring Carnival, and more
• Educational resources (IXL, BrainPop)
• Staff appreciation celebrations
• Classroom supplies
• And much more!

How can I help?

Join the Wayside PTA and contribute to the Direct Donation Campaign! The PTA membership dues do not cover all of the programs and resources the PTA provides for Wayside Elementary School. Any amount is welcome! We ask PTA members to consider a tax-deductible direct donation of $100 per family.

What is the Direct Donation Campaign?

The Direct Donation Campaign is an easy, hassle-free way for our school to earn money for our teachers and children without fundraising. No selling wrapping paper or popcorn! It means your money will go directly to Wayside and 100% of it will directly benefit our children.

How can I give to the Direct Donation Campaign?

You can pay by check payable to the Wayside PTA and drop it off at the Wayside main office or send it in your child’s school folder (and the teacher will send it to the office). If you are renewing your membership on AtoZ, you can make your direct donation along with your membership dues via online payment. We welcome all donations, and suggest $100 per family.

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