Wayside Waves 5.27.24

 1. SY24-25 PTA Chairs Needed
2. School Supplies for Next Year

 3. It Takes A Village
4. Pull for Peace
5. Field Day/Play Day Photo Link
6. Girls on the Run
7. Letters of Gratitude
8. Amazon Wish Lists 

 9. Digital Backpack

1. The PTA Needs You!
Interested in volunteering your time during the 24-25 school year?  See something that is up your alley?  Not sure what the right fit is based on your time availability?  Reach out to Amy at volunteers@waysidepta.org to learn more or and volunteer to make our children’s time spent at Wayside even more amazing!

Position Description Time Frame Work Load
SGA Liaison (Chair) work with SGA teachers to support various projects in conjunction with the PTA **best for incoming 5th grade parent Late Fall – June Light
Waves (Content/Calendar/Special) (Chair) put out weekly e-newsletter & special edition pieces & update the weekly calendar August – June Heavy (all remote)
Restaurant Nights (Chair) plan & execute the school’s restaurant spirit nights (1x per month) September – May Light (all remote)
Logo Wear (Chair) help sell logo wear & maintain online stores August – June Medium
School Supplies Pre Orders (Chair) set up pre-orders in the spring & deliver in August May – August Light (all remote)
SPED Liaison (Chair) follows the MCCPTA Special Education email threads & conveys information to PTA Board September – June Light (all remote)
Community Service Night (Two Chairs Needed) plans and executes a community service project to be completed during a winter evening program October – February Medium
Walk to School Day – October (Chair) plans and executes Walk to School Day with the local police September – October Light
After School Enrichments (Chair) coordinates all after school enrichments through the KIDDO platform July – June Heavy (all remote)
PTA Eats Drivers (two needed) pick up PTA Eats Winners’ lunches & deliver to school at specified times/dates September – May Light
Play Day/Field Day (two volunteers to support co-chairs) work with Ms. Way and co-chairs to coordinate, plan and execute Field Day & Play Day January – May Medium
2. Order Next Year’s School Supplies Today! 
Want to check something off your list for next fall? Order your school supplies today!
The Wayside PTA worked with Wayside teachers to create boxes of school supplies including everything your child will need to start the next grade.
Go to www.schooltoolbox.com and search for Wayside.
With just a few clicks, you can order a box that will be delivered directly to Wayside and ready for your child on the first day of school. And with every box you buy, a small amount gets donated to the Wayside PTA to support all the fun activities we are planning for next year. It’s a win for everyone!
Questions? Contact Kirsten Carr (kirsten.t.carr@gmail.com). Thanks so much for your support!

3. It Takes A Village
A huge thank you Ms. Way for planning an incredible Play Day & Field Day!  Our Dolphins laughed, smiled, threw, ran, crawled, jumped, tossed, bounced and splashed their way through the most physically active day of the year.  The Fitness Challenge was a huge hit and the sponge relay and water balloons kept everyone cool and soaking wet!  Badminton and Beach Volleyball were played; students showed off their speed at the 50 yard dash and a 5th grade hockey tournament kept everyone’s heart rates up!

Another huge thank you to Kirsten Carr, Melissa Raggi and Jax Stief for planning and executing the PTA side of the day!

Lastly, without an “all hands on deck” approach this day would never have come together.  Thank you to the following community members who arrived at 6 am, led the stations, took photos and helped with cleaning up:

Alfred Johnson, Jing Shi, Josh Hartzell, Donny Quinones, Jamie Wu, Sagar Patel, David Schanuel, Jonathan Carr, John Fletcher, Eric Cheng, Amy Barrer, Monica Fletcher, Amy Bernstein, Amanda Burks, Mara Labourdette, Karlyn Johnson, Cortney Mosle, Aimee Hodowanec, Talitha Bertoloto, Huanling Tang, Pete Labourdette, Shimul Gajjar, Hanlin Shen, Chelsea Ling, Bochao Hu, Cindy Chee, Wei Yue, Kristin Bennett, Michelle Martin, Sharon Chang, Miranda Cai, Aashima Palmer, Jing Shi, Helena Lopez, Briana Havrilesky, Wioletta Memarsadeghi, Kelley Hu, Asma Abuzaakouk, Padi Noohi, Gisselle Gutierrez, Muzne Baabde, Yan Zhuang, Joe McKenna, Dara Beitler, Toshal Roy, Kate Schanuel, Kristin Lavender, Alina Kogan, Stephanie Batchelor, and Lindsay Ragheb.


4. Thank you Mrs. Adams!
The PTA wants to thank Mrs. Adams for leading the school-wide Pull for Peace on Friday, May 17th.  The Dolphins used their muscles to get that flag across the line!  Students cheered, teachers jumped for joy – it was the best kickoff to Play Day, Field Day and end of school year celebrations!

Thanks for continuing this enjoyable Wayside tradition!
5. Share your Field Day and Play Day Photos!
Please add your Play Day & Field Day photos to this link!

**5th grade families – some of the photos will be added to the Promotion video so get these added asap!

6. Girls on the Run
Congratulations to the 2024 Wayside Girls on the Run (GOTR) team for completing the 5k on May 19th!

7. Letters of Gratitude from Teacher Appreciation Week

8. Amazon Wish Lists


Weinbaum’s Art Class
Mrs. Freundel’s Counseling
Mrs. Rhoads’ Media Center
Mr. Rod’s Music Class
Ms. Way’s PE Class

Mrs. Jendzurski

Mrs. Young’s Class
Ms. Saunder’s Class
Ms. Egan’s Class

1st Grade
Mrs. Rudolph’s Class
Ms. Claus’ Class
Ms. Yanow’s Class

2nd Grade
Ms. Gambrell’s Class
Mrs. Adams’ Class
Ms. Bronfman’s Class

3rd Grade
Ms. Deutsch’s Class
Mrs. Kaperst’s Class

4th Grade
Ms. Katzen’s Class

Mr. Heckhaus’ Class

5th Grade
Ms. Wells’ Class
Ms. Bortnick’s Class
Ms. Levine’s Class
Ms. Drannan’s Class

Ms. Homan’s Class
Ms. Solender’s Class
PEP INC.: Mrs. Gray and Ms. Shafter

9.  Digital Backpack
The Wayside PTA provides information on enrichment opportunities in our community as a courtesy to parents. The Wayside PTA does not endorse or recommend any enrichment opportunities.

Summer Camp at CCACC Academy
Steve and Kate’s Camp
RoboCamps Summer Program
Calling all fifth-grade students who have considered being part of Scouts
MSA Summer Camp
Georgetown Hill Potomac Village