Committee Chair Positions 2022-2023

President  Melissa Adler
Staff Appreciation Jun Bie, Aleisha Coughlin, Edith Deng
Hospitality Melissa Adler and Helena Lopez
SGA Liaison Melissa Adler
ICB School Room Rentals Melissa Adler
School Improvement Program Melissa Adler
Special Education Liaison OPEN
Membership/Direct Donation Melissa Adler and Deepa Narayanan
Melissa Adler
Treasurer  Christina Superina
Vice President of Administration  Garrick Yau
Webmaster Charles Ha
Waves Content Editor Melissa Adler
Waves Calendar Editor PTA Board
Waves Social Media/Special Waves Peijun Li
PTA Bulletin Board Melissa Adler
Photography Coordinator TBD
Vice President Ways & Means  Kirsten Carr
Supermarkets/Amazon Smile Kirsten Carr
Spirit Nights Helena Lopez
Book Fair Ellen Giller, Marion Haberman and Kim Ngan Troung
Logo Wear Kirsten Carr
KINDH Jax Stief

Vice President of Programs  Kristin Silbowitz
Back to School Picnic Melissa Adler and Kristin Silbowitz
Play Day/Field Day Melissa Raggi and Kirsten Carr
Bingo Night Becca Eskow, Marion Haberman and Sarah Appleby
Spring Picnic Julie Jonas and OPEN
Skate Night Melissa Adler
Talent Show
Paula Reible, Padi Noohi, Kristin Silbowitz, Dara Beitler and Hillary Nylen
Vice President of Community Enrichment  Jax Stief
Reflections Chuanwen Lu
Community Service Rima Fox and Yishen Sun
Wellness Committee OPEN
Enrichments Jax Stief
Walk to School Day Jun Chu
Art Night Jax Stief and Edith Deng
Vice President of Volunteers  Amy Bernstein
Room Parent Coordinator Manali Mody

Secretary  Edith Deng
MCCPTA Delegates 
Deepa Narayanan (
& Yishen Sun (

Parent volunteers are an essential school resource.

If you have time to chair a committee, assist in a committee, or just help in any capacity, please contact us today!

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