Wayside Waves 5.12.24

 1. PTA Update
2. Spring Fling is on May 18th!
3. A Note from Ms. Way about Play Day/Field Day
4. Play Day/Field Day Snack
5. Ms. Way Needs Parent Help
6. It Takes A Village
7. 5th Grade Yard Signs
8. PTA Financial Review Committee

 9. Amazon Wish Lists 
 10. Digital Backpack

1. We voted in our 24-25 PTA Executive Board and Celebrated our Successes!

2024-2025 Wayside PTA Board
President: Jax Stief
Secretary: Jing Shi
Treasurer: Kristen Lavender
VP DEI: Adam Barrer
VP Community Enrichments: Lee Kim
VP Events: Kristin Silbowitz
VP Family Engagement: Amy Bernstein
VP Fundraising: Lauren Slavin
MCCPTA Delegates: Jonathan Carr and Maria Tripplaar
CONGRATULATIONS to the 4th Grade who had the most representation at Tuesday’s PTA Meeting!  4th graders will enjoy an extra tasty treat on Field Day!  Thank you to all of the caregivers who joined us.
2. Spring Fling is on Saturday!
The deadline to pre-order pizza for Spring Fling has been extended!
It’s not too late to order your large cheese or pepperoni pizza to enjoy at Spring Fling on Saturday, May 18th.

3. A Note from Mrs. Way about Field Day and Play Day on Monday, May 20th

4. Field Day & Play Day Snack; Be sure your child is prepared
The following pretzel snacks will be provided to all students on Field Day & Play Day (Monday, May 20th).  Please check the ingredients to ensure that your child can eat it.  If your child is unable to consume this snack, please send an alternative snack for them.  No additional snacks will be provided.
All students are expected to bring their own, labeled, water bottles.

5. Ms. Way Needs Parent Help!
Are you able to provide some after-school help to Ms. Way as she prepares for one of the biggest events of the year?  Field Day and Play Day require a lot of material preparation, so if you can give 1-2 hours after school on Monday (5/13), Wednesday (5/15) or Friday (5/17), please email her directly and come to Wayside to support the preparation of this incredible day of physical activity, exercise, and school camaraderie.
Ms. Way can be reached at Wendy-Beth_Way@mcpsmd.org

6. It Takes A Village
This week our Wayside staff was recognized, celebrated, and appreciated!
Teachers and staff enjoyed lunches from Playa Bowls and Potomac Pizza.  They had snacks from Duck Donuts and were treated to an assortment of cookies while picking up their Amazon or Target gift cards. The week finished with an Omelette Chef and Bethesda Bagel bar!  Our superheroes work so hard each week to provide our children with meaningful, safe, supportive educations and we thank them for everything!
Thank you to Jamie Van Pelt, Amy Bernstein, Becca Eskow, and Jax Stief for making it all happen.  Thank you to Stephanie Thomas at Conceive Craft Create for making beautiful, individual cards.  Thank you to Erich Stumpe at Summer House Santa Monica for helping us provide delicious, mini cookies!  Thank you to Jamie Van Pelt who baked a variety of cookies for staff to enjoy.

7. Celebrate your 5th grader’s promotion to middle school with a yard sign!  
Yard signs are available to purchase at this link: https://spirithero.com/collections/wayside 

Orders must be placed by May 12th on Spirit Hero’s website.  Signs are $20 each, or $25 if you choose to personalize the sign with your student’s name.  All signs will be delivered to the school for pick-up (anticipated delivery before June 1st).
Congratulations to all of our wonderful 5th graders!

8. PTA Financial Review Committee
We are looking for two additional volunteers for the PTA Financial Review Committee this summer to review the PTA financial records.  Each volunteer spends a few hours reviewing the PTA financial records and ensures the records are complete.  The records are then passed to the next committee member. This is a great way to be involved with the PTA, but on your own time, as we work around reviewers schedules.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Christina at treasurer@waysidepta.org.

9. Amazon Wish Lists


Weinbaum’s Art Class
Mrs. Freundel’s Counseling
Mrs. Rhoads’ Media Center
Mr. Rod’s Music Class
Ms. Way’s PE Class

Mrs. Jendzurski

Mrs. Young’s Class
Ms. Saunder’s Class
Ms. Egan’s Class

1st Grade
Mrs. Rudolph’s Class
Ms. Claus’ Class
Ms. Yanow’s Class

2nd Grade
Ms. Gambrell’s Class
Mrs. Adams’ Class
Ms. Bronfman’s Class

3rd Grade
Ms. Deutsch’s Class
Mrs. Kaperst’s Class

4th Grade
Ms. Katzen’s Class

Mr. Heckhaus’ Class

5th Grade
Ms. Wells’ Class
Ms. Bortnick’s Class
Ms. Levine’s Class
Ms. Drannan’s Class

Ms. Homan’s Class
Ms. Solender’s Class
PEP INC.: Mrs. Gray and Ms. Shafter

10.  Digital Backpack
The Wayside PTA provides information on enrichment opportunities in our community as a courtesy to parents. The Wayside PTA does not endorse or recommend any enrichment opportunities.

Summer Camp at CCACC Academy
Steve and Kate’s Camp
RoboCamps Summer Program
Calling all fifth-grade students who have considered being part of Scouts
MSA Summer Camp
Georgetown Hill Potomac Village

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